What Do You Know About Tier 4 Regulations?

What Do You Know About Tier 4 Regulations?

The world is going green, and with it, there is a bevy of environmental regulations that mobile and standby generator operators need to know. Fortunately, at this point, almost all systems in the United States are compliant with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 regulations. These were gradually phased in starting in 1996 and ending in 2017. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check to confirm compliance before you assume you are already compliant. This is a mistake that could end up costing you a hefty fine and an unexpected maintenance bill.

Exemptions for Emergency Standby Generators

Tier 2 and Tier 3 standards were rather rigorous and resulted in more than 85% emissions reduction for emergency standby generator systems. This dramatic improvement, coupled with the minimal use emergency standby generators’ performance in hospitals, disaster response, commercial operations, etc., convinced regulators to grant Tier 4 exemptions to emergency standby generator operators. This exemption excludes those that use the generator for prime power, rate curtailment, and storm avoidance.

However, not all state and local governments agreed with this exemption, and some currently require operators to confirm Tier 4 compliance. Thus, you will want to check with your state and municipal government to determine whether that applies to your operations.

Where Tier 4 Applies

In short, Tier 4 applies if your mobile or standby generator doesn’t qualify as an emergency system. This means that systems used for agricultural production, food production, most commercial enterprises, construction, forestry, oil and gas production, etc., must be Tier 4 compliant.

Tier 4 regulations apply to all generator sets with greater than 751 HP. These standards were gradually implemented beginning in 2011 and through 2015, after which all generator sets produced and/or operated in the US must comply with Tier 4F emission standards. The following emission standards are currently in effect for diesel generators.

Exhaust ConstituentTier 4i (752 – 1,207 HP)Tier 4i (< 1,207 HP)Tier 4F (>752 HP)

Are More Regulations on the Horizon?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and the answer is “maybe, but not likely.” Legislators in California are considering regulations to reduce emissions standards dramatically. Support in EU countries is growing to introduce new standards that would essentially eliminate the sale and use of combustion engines. It’s a fluid environment when it comes to the future of environmentally focused regulations.

That said, Tier 4 regulations are the most rigorous ever established in the United States. So when it comes to the diesel engine on your generator, we don’t expect any significant changes in the near future. 5, 10, 15 years down the road? Probably, but by then, it will be time to replace your current generator anyway.

If your diesel generator is overdue for service, or you need to check the emissions to ensure you are Tier 4 compliant, contact the team at Central Power Systems & Services. It is our pleasure to schedule a service appointment to inspect your generator, perform preventative maintenance, test the emissions, and more.

When To Get Drivetrain and Powertrain Remanufacturing

When To Get Drivetrain and Powertrain Remanufacturing

Your drivetrain and powertrain are critical, and when either fails, it will leave your equipment and vehicles idling fruitless until repaired or replaced. This loss of precious time can put you behind schedule and over budget. Worse still, it can delay what your clients depend on you to deliver. Therefore, when it comes to your drivetrain and powertrain, we recommend investing the time and resources required to remanufacture them rather than spending resources and wasting time when they fail.

When To Remanufacture a Drivetrain or Powertrain

Your drivetrain will alert you to emerging problems that require prompt attention. Common signs that your drivetrain is damaged include persistent vibration and/or shuddering, irregular sounds, difficulty turning the vehicle, fluid leaks, grinding noises, difficulty putting the vehicle into gear, or diminished performance.

Similarly, your powertrain will warn you that it’s time for service. In addition to slipped gears and burning smells, fluid leaks, grinding, shaking, and odd noises can all signal a powertrain that’s on its last gear.

The drivetrain and powertrain remanufacturing process will resolve these issues and more. It is an effective alternative to replacement or continual investment in ongoing repairs. Most importantly, prompt and proper remanufacturing can protect your vehicle from further damage and preserve its ability to generate the revenue your business needs to remain profitable.

The Benefits of Remanufacturing Your Drivetrain or Powertrain

We completely disassemble the affected component, whether it’s your transmission, engine, axle, wheels, differential, or other damaged component. This allows us to determine which elements of the component are salvageable, and which need to be replaced. Our thorough approach to drivetrain and powertrain remanufacturing allows us to deliver an end product that is sturdy, durable, and nearly identical to one fresh from the assembly line. Most importantly, our remanufactured components meet or exceed the performance level of a factory-manufactured replacement.

Because of the thorough remanufacturing processes we perform, all finished components will be free of rust and corrosion, and all defective or worn-out parts will be replaced. We also do far more than simply replace damaged and worn-out components, we perform the additional machining and inspections necessary to ensure the remanufactured item is completed and delivered to factory specifications. This means that the end product will be built to go the distance. You will enjoy the same performance and operation as an OEM system.

Finally, roughly 80% to 85% of the material is saved and reused. This minimizes the environmental impact of the process and results in an efficient, eco-friendly procedure. It is a fast and effective process that will help “green up” your fleet.

Our Remanufacturing Process

Our teams are highly trained specialists who will carefully disassemble the damaged system. We will note any deficiencies and damaged components and compile a thorough report of the elements that require machining and the components that require replacing. Once we compile a detailed report on the condition, we will draft a remanufacturing plan to govern the remanufacturing process.

At Central Power Systems & Services, we thoroughly test and inspect each component for fit and function throughout the remanufacturing process. From start to finish, the remanufacturing process can take as little as a few days, or as long as a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the system and the amount of work that needs to be performed. As always, we will provide a thorough summary of the work we need to do and provide a timeline for delivering the finished component(s).

Contact Central Power Systems & Services to learn more about the drivetrain and powertrain remanufacturing services we provide for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Routine Maintenance Protects Your Fleet From Deadly Disasters

Routine Maintenance Protects Your Fleet From Deadly Disasters

Next to personnel, your fleet vehicles are likely your most valuable asset. As a fleet operator, it is your duty to protect both from harm as they traverse the millions of miles of American roads. Whether they are hauling cargo across the plains or mounting an expedition across the Teton, Rocky, or Appalachian Mountains, it’s your job to make sure they deliver their cargo safe and sound.

Routine maintenance is the key that keeps your vehicles moving forward. From the brake systems to the transmission and the engine to the lights, the Central Power Systems & Services team is here to ensure that the maintenance you need is done on time and on budget. We will use every bit of our expertise in fleet maintenance to make sure your vehicles are ready to go the distance.

Brakes Are the Foundation of Your Fleet

While your drivers are eager to keep cruising down the road to finish their deliveries, at some point, they’re going to have to stop. Whether it’s traffic, truck stops, or delivery destinations, there is comfort and confidence in the knowledge that your brakes are in proper working order.

At Central Power Systems & Services, we thoroughly inspect, test, and service every component in your brake systems. We make sure that the air lines, reservoirs, compressor, valves, drums, shoes, and other components work together to provide the stopping power required to bring a fully-loaded vehicle and trailer to a complete stop.

Tires, Transmissions, and More

A single semi-truck has thousands of parts, many of which are critical for safe operation. For example, the fifth wheel coupling, brake lights, axle, cooling system, gearbox, clutch, suspension, wiring, and thousands more work together to ensure your fleet vehicles are ready to go.

Our certified mechanics have extensive experience maintaining large commercial vehicles. We know the various quirks of different machines, know the signs of impending component failure, and can proactively maintain your fleet vehicles so that you don’t suffer unexpected breakdowns along the way to your next destination.

Whether we are retreading tires, remanufacturing a transmission, or repairing a wiring harness, our goal is the same; to ensure your vehicle is stable, safe, and secure. To that end, we adhere to strict quality control standards and use the latest technologies and tools to service your fleet vehicles.

Our maintenance technicians undergo extensive training throughout the year. This ensures we have the most up-to-date knowledge of commercial motor vehicles and the systems they contain. We work hard to maintain your vehicles and protect your business from the accidents, delays, and deaths that can occur if critical systems fail.

The Advantage of Choosing Central Power Systems & Services

When you choose Central Power Systems & Services, you will enjoy superior service and exceptional results on top of fair pricing and our guarantee that our services will always exceed your expectations. We make it easy to secure the services and components you need at a competitive price that helps ensure your budgets don’t fall into the red. Most importantly, we perform the routine maintenance your fleet vehicles require to ensure they are safe, stable, and always ready to roll down the road to the next destination on the manifest.

We encourage you to contact Central Power Systems & Services to learn more about the maintenance services we offer. Whether you need components remanufactured, brake systems serviced, or machinery repaired, it is our pleasure to assist you.

Learn From the Best at Central Power Systems and Services

Train and Learn From the Best at Central Power

The quality of the services your teams provide to your fleet and your clients depends on the quality of the training they receive. You have to learn from the best when you want to deliver the best. At Central Power Systems & Services, our certified training professionals know everything you need to know about Allison transmissions, electrical systems, air conditioning systems, diesel engines, and more. Most importantly, they know how to teach and convey the intricacies of these complex systems covered within our CPSS training courses through proven teaching methods that will help your personnel retain the knowledge and use it to help your business achieve its goals.

Our Training Courses

Allison Transmission Maintenance Technician Training

Our two-day and multi-day courses will help your personnel learn how to utilize available diagnostic resources, perform preventive maintenance, troubleshoot problems, and apply industry-approved solutions. Each course is designed to provide thorough coverage of procedures and protocols that will give your personnel the skills they need to effectively service Allison transmissions.

Our courses include:

  • 1000 and 2000 Product Families
  • 3000 and 4000 Product Families
  • Combined 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 Product Families

General Service Training

Our general service training courses are designed to provide students with as much information in as short a time as possible. These courses will provide basic knowledge of the operation of the covered systems. Upon completion, students will have a solid footing in everything from the basics of electrical systems to the most efficient and effective methods of servicing electrical components, generators, air conditioning systems, exhaust systems, etc.

We offer three distinct general service training courses, including:

  • Basic Electrical
  • Basic Mobile Air Conditioning & MACS
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel After-Treatment

Our Commitment To Excellence

At Central Power Systems & Services, our training teams are certified experts in their field. Each has completed extensive training and has years of professional experience under their tool belts. This means we not only have the technical knowledge, but we also have the practical experience to help successfully guide students through the courses.

Our instructors adhere to well-defined course parameters and training guidelines from start to finish. As a result, each course is structured like well-organized building blocks where each piece of information is used to support subsequent information and practical theories.

The result is a solid course that reinforces the concepts students already possess, fills in the gaps of what they should know, and establishes a foundation that they can use to build upon their knowledge after course completion.

Training Is the Key To Your Future

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and companies are producing more advanced and complicated machinery. Our training courses are designed to give students the practical information required to continue building their skill sets and knowledge base. We prepare students to service today’s systems and service the advanced systems of tomorrow.

Ultimately, this positions your business to continue growing and makes it possible for you to adopt and service ever more efficient and effective systems. This will not only keep your business competitive, it will position you for growth that can allow you to achieve more, generate more revenue, and establish your business as an industry leader capable of providing the services and solutions your clients require.

We invite you to contact Central Power Systems & Services to learn more about the CPS training courses we offer and to enroll in upcoming sessions in your area.

We Train In-House Staff for Maintenance and Immediate Response

We Train In-House Staff for Maintenance and Immediate Response

Time is money, and every moment your machines sit idle due to a breakdown is a moment you are pouring both time and money down the drain. At Central Power Systems & Services, we understand the critical importance of maintaining your fleet and keeping it in operational condition. So when you need a fast response and effective vehicle repairs, it is our pleasure to show you why your peers in the region depend on us for all their maintenance and repair needs.

You Can Depend on the Skills of Our Team Members

We carefully select each member of our team for their dedication to delivering superior service to our clients. We also choose our team members for their expertise, knowledge, and ability to “think outside the box.” This affords us the ability to send any member of our team to your location, confident in the knowledge that they will have the ability to resolve any issues you are having. Whether you have a faulty electrical system, broken component, or malfunctioning engine, our team members will quickly diagnose the problem and apply the most effective repair solution.

Strategically Positioned Support

Equipment can break down anywhere, at any time. Whether you are two miles or a hundred miles from the nearest town, it’s vital to have support nearby that can provide fast and effective maintenance and repairs. That is why our fully-equipped service vehicles are strategically positioned throughout the region. Our service vehicles have all the tools and equipment required to perform standard maintenance and emergency repairs. When you contact our team for support, we will dispatch the nearest vehicle to your location. In most cases, we can have a vehicle to your location in less than a few hours.

Readily Available Parts and Replacements

We maintain a fully-stocked inventory of components and spares. Whether you need hard-to-find power generation solutions, spare engines, replacement buckets, etc., we either have it in our warehouses or can quickly source it from our suppliers. Our finely-tuned logistical network is a safety net that you can depend on no matter the season and no matter the need.

Continual Training Is the Hallmark of Our Service

Continuing education is built into our workday and has been for nearly 70 years. We are constantly training staff on maintenance and repair techniques, technological advances, customer service, and other skills that set our services apart from the competition. We don’t just hire the best and assume they will stay the best forever. We ensure that our service technicians possess the up-to-date knowledge of mechanical systems and power generation solutions that allow us to service everything from legacy systems to the most modern marvels of engineering.

When your truck, power generation, or construction equipment needs fast and effective service, contact Central Power Systems & Service anytime, day or night, holiday or weekend. We will assess the situation over the phone and dispatch a technician without delay with all the tools, training, and expertise required to resolve the issue. Our in-house team can respond to everything from roadside breakdowns to malfunctioning power generation equipment.

Central Power Systems & Services
Since 1954, Central Power Systems & Services has been providing partners with the highest level of support. No matter the situation, we have solutions for Power Generation, Power Distribution, Industrial Engines, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Custom Manufactured Projects and On-Highway Transportation Service.
Central Power Systems & Services
Since 1954, Central Power Systems & Services has been providing partners with the highest level of support. No matter the situation, we have solutions for Power Generation, Power Distribution, Industrial Engines, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Custom Manufactured Projects and On-Highway Transportation Service.
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