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When Rental Power Equipment is needed, Central Power Systems & Services offers you Mobile Powerful Coverage...to go!

With the resources to offer a full line of MTU Onsite Energy and Doosan Rental Packages, ranging from 20KW - 2000KW, Central Power Systems & Services has the capability to provide flexible solutions to your rental power generation needs. Our generators are trailer mounted with on-board fuel tanks, tailor-made, self-sufficient, with no obstacles. Central Power Systems & Services provides fully sound attenuated generators for maximum noise reduction.

Our Powerful Coverage will keep you powerful in emergencies, during planned maintenance, or for your next big event. Whether it is prime or standby power, 2 hour or 12 months, our factory-trained service technicians will keep you up and running 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, rain, shine, or snow.

Central Power Systems & Services is your direct source for local Powerful Coverage, with the largest fleet in Missouri, Northern Oklahoma, and Kansas. Renting equipment from Central Power Systems & Services is as simple as contacting us at 1-866-RENT-GEN or email info@cpower.com.


Central Power Systems & Services is an authorized distributor for Doosan.

In addition to offering Doosan's line of generators, Central Power Systems & Services also supplies Portable Air Compressors, Oil & Gas Air Compressors, Drill Modules and Lighting Systems.

The contents of this site are protected under international copyright law and may not be altered or reproduced. All trademarks and associated images are the property of their respective holders. Copyright Central Power Systems & Services.