All Central Power Systems & Services remanufactured transmissions are returned to the original OEM specifications.

Our fully remanufactured transmission, built under our PowerForce® brand in our state of the art facility, starts with a complete tear down and inspection process. After the non-usable parts are disposed of all other parts are put through a high temperature / high-pressure wash to thoroughly clean everything. The parts are again inspected for quality, before the reassemble process takes place. Any parts that didn't meet Allison's strict tolerances will be replaced with only Genuine Allison replacement parts. After the transmission has been fully assembled it then goes through a series of tests beginning with a leak test to insure there are no internal or external leaks in the transmission. The valve body is calibrated and the transmission is then run on a dynamometer to make sure that it works well and shifts properly. CPS&S investment in test equipment ensures testing is equal to that of Allison's factory testing procedures. All of the scheduled tests are certified and documented.

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