With Central Power Systems and Services having more than 60 years of diesel and gas engine remanufacturing experience, you can trust the products that you put back into your equipment. Our remanufactured engines use lean engineering technology that often improves upon the original engine and our remanufactured engines offer a complete drop-in engine that has been fully dyno-tested for maximum reliability that increase the productivity and performance of your equipment. You don't have to settle for a generic engine that requires retrofit and modification as our engines come complete. 

CPS&S will supply a "like for like" engine for replacing your current engine as new.  Custom built facilities for engine application, installation and service is available at our 14 with locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nevada and Italy. Our locations operate as a two-shift workday and our customers can rely on us to provide 24/7 support. We serve both the on-highway and off-highway engine markets. Use CPS&S as your one stop job for all of your vehicle repowers!

Call +1 (816) 781-8070 or email info@cpower.com to get additional information.


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