To fulfill our commitment to be the leading supplier and preferred service provider in the Power Generation Industry, the Central Power Systems & Services team maintains up-to-date technology and information standards on Power Industry changes, regulations and trends. As a service, our Information Sheets are circulated on a regular basis, to existing and potential Power Customers to maintain awareness of changes and developments in engineering standards, electrical codes, and technology impacting the Power Generation Industry.

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Generator Information Sheets

  • Importance of Grounding Standby Generator Systems

  • Lubrication Oil Make-up Systems

  • Generators in Oil and Gas Applications

  • Agricultural Applications for Generator Sets

  • Bi-Fuel Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Systems

  • Trouble Shooting Diesel Generator Sets

  • Gas Scrubbers for Gaseous Fueled Generator Sets

  • Importance of Clean Diesel Fuel Supply for Generator Systems

  • Water Separators for Diesel & NG Generator Systems

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Emissions with Diesel Generator Systems

  • Alternator Winding Temperature Rise in Generator Systems

  • Exhaust Emission After-treatment Devices for Generator Set Systems

  • The Importance of Maintaining a Generator’s Cooling System

  • The Effects of Power Factor On An Electrical System

  • Battery Charging Systems Recommended for Standby Generator Sets

  • Maintenance of Generator Set System Batteries

  • EPA Emissions Standards for NON - Emergency Standby
    Diesel Generator Sets

  • EPA Emissions Standards for Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Sets

  • Types of ATS’s and Application in Generator Set Systems

  • Monitoring Systems for Generator Set Systems

  • Coolant Fluid Options for Generator Set Systems

  • Guide to Delivering Gas to Gas Fueled Generator Sets

  • Vibration Isolation used on Engine Generator Sets

  • (IBC) 2000, 2003 and 2006 for Generator Systems in Areas of Seismic Activity

  • Cold Climate Considerations for Generator Sets

  • Thermal Imaging Tests on Generator Set Systems

  • Engine Block Heaters for Generator Sets

  • Testing Standby Generator Sets - Resistive Versus Reactive

  • Service Entrance - Rated Transfer Switch

  • Differences Between 80% and 100% - Rated Circuit Breakers

  • Considering Instantaneous Voltage Drop Versus Sustained Voltage Drop

  • The Effect of Power Factor On An Electrical System

  • Concrete Platforms and Mounting Arrangements for Generator Systems

  • UPS Power Systems with Generator Sets

  • The Paralleling of Generator Systems- Basics, Applicable UL Codes and When to Use

  • Wet Stacking and How to Avoid It

  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection Devices Within an Electrical System

  • Three Cycle vs. Series Rated Automatic Transfer Switches

  • The Key to Standby Generator System Reliability: Planned Maintenance

  • Sound Attenuation of Generator Sets

  • When Should the Neutral be Switched

  • Stationary Generators Covered by UL 2200

  • Protected Above Ground Tanks for Flammable & Combustible Liquids

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