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Central Power Systems & Services is a global supplier to the power generation industry.  We provide our rebuilt and used diesel generators, natural gas generators, ancillaries, and parts to customers in markets all over the world.

This is only a sampling of the inventory that we carry in our 14 locations.  For more information regarding our inventory please call our Liberty, Missouri location at (816) 415-6700 or email us at

At Central Power Systems & Services we not only sell generators, we also buy used generators and backup power equipment. Contact us today to sell your generator and backup power equipment (25kW and up). Be sure to include your contact information and the make, model, kW and hours. One of our sales representatives will be in contact with you.

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All units listed are presented as descriptions to the very best of our knowledge and are represented as is unless stated otherwise. Central Power Systems & Services does its best to describe units visually and research conditions represented to Central Power Systems & Services. Prices reflect such and can change subject to further inspections, testing, demand, etc. All are subject to prior sale and anyone interested is certainly welcome to visually inspect the units before purchase. Central Power Systems & Services will try and accommodate your delivery schedule however cannot promise dates in regards to testing and repairs, we are working diligently to get more units on line. Thanks for your considerations.

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