When it comes to On Highway Engines you have come to the right place.

Central Power Systems & Services is recognized as a leader in the on-highway industry. As the factory authorized distributor for Detroit™ Engines in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, we offer a full lineup of premium engines.

Detroit Diesel is known for reliable power as well as innovative design. World class support, long engine life, and durability make Detroit Diesel the standard for stationary and mobile power needs. With offerings from 190 to 560 horsepower, Detroit Diesel supplies the on-highway market with dependable power.

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Detroit™ engines perform at their peak for miles and miles with best-in-class fuel economy and low-cost maintenance and service. Every step of our design, testing and support process builds quality into every engine that bears the Detroit name.

The Detroit Diesel power line-up includes the DD13, DD15, DD16, MBE 900, and the MBE 4000 engines. These successful products make Detroit Diesel one of the world's largest suppliers of medium and heavy-duty engines for on-highway use.

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Designed specifically for Less-Than-Truckload, Regional Distribution and Vocational applications, the DD13 diesel engine delivers serviceability, performance and up to 5% better fuel-economy—so you don't have to choose between an engine with great fuel economy, serviceability and performance ever again.


With an eye to the future, Detroit Diesel designed the DD15 from the block up with integrated features like a more powerful Jake Engine Brake®, an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and Detroit Diesel's BlueTec Emissions Technology.

The innovative design of the DD15 engine offers peak torque response, and the turbo compounding system that delivers up to 50 "bonus" horsepower so you burn less fuel and get more power, and even fully loaded, you feel yourself launching up the on-ramps.

Like all 2010 Detroit Diesel engines, the DD15 comes with BlueTec SCR and our exclusive 1-Box Configuration. Our proven EPA 2010 technology provides you with up to 5 percent better fuel economy, and meets emission standards at the tailpipe.


The Detroit Diesel DD16 drives like the heavy-duty diesel engine you always wanted: 600 horsepower to muscle up the hills and 2050lb-ft of torque to move the heaviest loads.

The DD16 is made for extreme loads. Whether you're in the coalmines of West Virginia or the forests of Western Canada, this engine has the power and torque to deliver—the powerhouse engine for the owner operator and severe-duty vocational markets.

Series 60

It takes a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty diesel engine like the Series 60® to remain a North American leader year after year. And through constant attention to performance, reliability, fuel economy and EPA compliance, it's been an excellent value than for demanding fleets and cost-conscious owner-operators.

MBE 900

If a Detroit Diesel MBE 900 powers your truck, you know what an all-around powerful and dependable medium-duty engine it is. And that's important, because it pays to find an engine designed for just the kind of work you do.

MBE 4000

Delivering the most low-end torque in its class, the in-line six-cylinder MBE 4000 heavy-duty engine can only be called "lightweight" because the scale says so. Delivering low RPM torque means better fuel economy, while high torque at low RPMs lets the engine take less abuse and offer up a more reliable ride.

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