As a driving force in the Off-Highway marketplace, Central Power Systems & Services has been supporting the needs of the Off-Highway industry for over six decades. With over 100 years of shared sales and engineering experience you can feel comfortable that Central Power Systems & Services has the knowledge and ability to support any Off-Highway need that your business may have.

With a well rounded product offering from MTU diesel engines, Detroit diesel engines, Doosan diesel engines, and PSI gas engines, Central Power Systems & Services is well-known for offering rugged, reliable, long lasting equipment and having the ability to tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our highly knowledgeable sales force is the most trusted and sought-after team in the region for your Off-Highway power and support needs.

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Moving forward is easy enough on hard roads or developed terrain but when the going gets tough, success can be far harder to find. What you need then is reliable equipment and a dependable partner, clearly focused on your goals, to provide both power and efficiency.

MTU engines in the industrial sector have proved themselves countless times; at extremes of altitude and temperature, in every climate, on all roads and in all terrains.

MTU engines are synonymous with high availability, low fuel consumption and excellent power-to-weight ratios.

For more information on our line of MTU engines, please contact us at 816-781-8070 or email

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PSI provides integrated turnkey powertrain solutions to original equipment manufacturers in the industrial, construction, agricultural, and on-road markets and offers a complete line of fuel-flexible, low-emission engines ranging from .97-Liters to 22-Liters of displacement.

PSI makes adapting easy with fuel-flexible, emission certified engines to meet the demands of every application. PSI is one of the largest providers of industrial gas and alternative fuel engines in North America and has over 20 years of experience serving emission control system solutions.

Buying engines isn’t only about power and torque, it’s about value, performance, durability and reliability to your end customer. At PSI, building custom power systems is what they do. PSI takes engines and transform them into ruggedized power systems that are ideally suited to their end use application.

For more information on our line of PSI engines, please contact us at 816-781-8070 or email

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