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We Train In-House Staff for Maintenance and Immediate Response

We Train In-House Staff for Maintenance and Immediate Response

Time is money, and every moment your machines sit idle due to a breakdown is a moment you are pouring both time and money down the drain. At Central Power Systems & Services, we understand the critical importance of maintaining your fleet and keeping it in operational condition. So when you need a fast response and effective vehicle repairs, it is our pleasure to show you why your peers in the region depend on us for all their maintenance and repair needs.

You Can Depend on the Skills of Our Team Members

We carefully select each member of our team for their dedication to delivering superior service to our clients. We also choose our team members for their expertise, knowledge, and ability to “think outside the box.” This affords us the ability to send any member of our team to your location, confident in the knowledge that they will have the ability to resolve any issues you are having. Whether you have a faulty electrical system, broken component, or malfunctioning engine, our team members will quickly diagnose the problem and apply the most effective repair solution.

Strategically Positioned Support

Equipment can break down anywhere, at any time. Whether you are two miles or a hundred miles from the nearest town, it’s vital to have support nearby that can provide fast and effective maintenance and repairs. That is why our fully-equipped service vehicles are strategically positioned throughout the region. Our service vehicles have all the tools and equipment required to perform standard maintenance and emergency repairs. When you contact our team for support, we will dispatch the nearest vehicle to your location. In most cases, we can have a vehicle to your location in less than a few hours.

Readily Available Parts and Replacements

We maintain a fully-stocked inventory of components and spares. Whether you need hard-to-find power generation solutions, spare engines, replacement buckets, etc., we either have it in our warehouses or can quickly source it from our suppliers. Our finely-tuned logistical network is a safety net that you can depend on no matter the season and no matter the need.

Continual Training Is the Hallmark of Our Service

Continuing education is built into our workday and has been for nearly 70 years. We are constantly training staff on maintenance and repair techniques, technological advances, customer service, and other skills that set our services apart from the competition. We don’t just hire the best and assume they will stay the best forever. We ensure that our service technicians possess the up-to-date knowledge of mechanical systems and power generation solutions that allow us to service everything from legacy systems to the most modern marvels of engineering.

When your truck, power generation, or construction equipment needs fast and effective service, contact Central Power Systems & Service anytime, day or night, holiday or weekend. We will assess the situation over the phone and dispatch a technician without delay with all the tools, training, and expertise required to resolve the issue. Our in-house team can respond to everything from roadside breakdowns to malfunctioning power generation equipment.

Our Oil and Gas Services Keep Your Fracking Equipment Up and Running

Our Oil and Gas Services Keep Your Fracking Equipment Up and Running

Idle oil and gas equipment means you are quite literally leaving money in the ground. Our oil and gas services at Central Power Systems & Services are designed to keep your fracking equipment operational and your business moving forward. When your systems falter or fail, we can dispatch any of our more than 100 service vehicles to your site to inspect, maintain, repair, or replace equipment as needed.

Rapid Repair Services

We understand the critical importance of prompt and effective repairs. We also know that your equipment is an expensive investment, and we work hard to ensure that it is protected from failures that can lead to fires or blowouts.

We have a fleet of more than 100 service vehicles, each fully equipped to service oilfield equipment. From electronic boards to mechanical components, our oil field service technicians can repair your equipment on-site wherever it is located. In instances where repair is not possible, we can dispatch the necessary components from our warehouses or bring the component into our nearest shop for refurbishment.

Transmission & Engine Overhaul

Transmissions and engines are the core of your oilfield systems. Without them, your drills won’t cut, and your pumps won’t fill the tanks. Our transmission and engine overhaul facilities are organized to maximize efficiency and minimize the time required to return your equipment to service. Depending on the extent of the required work and the availability of repair bays, the overhaul process typically takes between one to three weeks to complete.

Most importantly, every stage of the process is closely monitored and strictly organized. This ensures superior quality workmanship and allows us to deliver finished transmissions and engines that meet or exceed rigid performance standards. We make sure that your systems aren’t good as new; we make sure they are better and operate within the strictest parameters!

Oilfield System Maintenance and Upkeep

Proactive maintenance on your oilfield systems is the most effective method of keeping them in prime condition. At Central Power Systems & Services, our field service teams are highly trained experts who can service your systems and identify potential faults that need to be addressed before a failure occurs. We work closely with our clients to develop customized maintenance schedules based on production, system age, known defects, and manufacturer recommendations. We will ensure your system delivers the performance you desire for as long as possible.

Our maintenance services include the following and more:

  • Repairing damaged or missing safety guards
  • Repairing railings and ladders
  • Replacing corroded pipes, struts, or valves
  • Repairing tongs, blocks, and cables

Our goal is to protect your drill and other systems from failure caused by neglected maintenance. This not only protects your personnel from injuries, but it also protects and preserves the bottom line of your business.

Trust Central Power Systems To Deliver Superior Results!

Good is not good enough for our teams. We strive to be better and aim to deliver superior quality workmanship and advanced solutions for the most challenging tasks. We are experts at oilfield system repair, maintenance, and replacement. No matter how fast you need a solution or how complex the required repairs are, it is our pleasure to show you why we are the first choice for oil and gas services in the United States.

We encourage you to contact Central Power Systems & Services to learn more about our oil and gas services. We are here to serve the oil and gas industry and deliver custom solutions to meet the demanding and ever-evolving industry needs.

Need Construction Equipment for Rent, Sale or Maintenance? We Can Help!

Need Construction Equipment for Rent, Sale or Maintenance? We Can Help!

The Central Power Systems & Services team is here to help when you need heavy equipment to get the job done. We have a comprehensive fleet of construction equipment to help you dig trenches, pave roads, erect buildings, lay pipelines, and more. We guarantee our equipment will be ready to get to work when you are and that it will keep working until the job is done.

A Fleet of Vehicles Ready and Waiting for You

Construction requires a significant fleet of vehicles designed to perform very specific tasks. That is why we maintain a broad range of equipment, so that you can choose the vehicles you need. Moreover, we choose each vehicle in our rental fleet for its functionality and durability. This means that whether you need an excavator or a skid steer, you can always rely on the machine to do the job efficiently.

We offer a full range of construction rental equipment, including articulated trucks, scissor lifts, scrapers, excavators, skid steers, and more. Each vehicle in our rental fleet is fully serviced and guaranteed to deliver reliable performance. We can help determine which vehicles are best for your application so that you can finish projects on time and on budget.

Wondering if we have the equipment you need for your next job? Contact the team at Central Power Systems & Services to speak with us about your project.

Benefits of Renting From Central Power Systems & Services

When you need a construction equipment rental from Central Power Systems & Services, you will always enjoy:

Hassle-free rentals
When you place your order, we will take care of the logistics. We will organize delivery and pick-up schedules, routine maintenance, repairs, and more.
Upfront rates
Our construction equipment rental agreements are built around fixed rates. When we tell you what the bill will be, you can rest assured there won’t be any surprise charges, fees, or other expenses added to the cost.
Rental support
Our technicians are available 24/7 to provide guidance, support, and repairs. All you have to do is worry about getting the work done, and we will take care of making sure your equipment works the way it should.
Quality equipment
We believe the best way to serve our clients is to ensure that their construction equipment rental is the very best available. To that end, our fleet is comprised of the highest quality equipment available.

Equipment Sales and Support

We can help you achieve your goals when your business is growing and you have plans for expanding your operations. At Central Power Systems & Services, we offer a full range of construction equipment for sale that can make getting the work done a little easier and affordable. We are happy to help you select the ideal equipment for your current and future projects so that you can deliver the superior results your clients demand.

Our work doesn’t end when the ink is dry on the sales receipt. We understand that even with proper care and maintenance, components will fail and accidents will happen. That is why we maintain a fully equipped fleet of service vehicles that we can quickly dispatch to your location.

We can perform a full range of diagnostic tests and fix everything from faulty cables and broken buckets to damaged engines. As our client, your equipment is our top priority and we guarantee to provide the superior support and service your company needs to keep your vehicles moving forward.

We encourage you to contact the Central Power Systems & Services team to learn more about the construction equipment rental or sales process and the support we provide our clients.

Looking Into the Crystal Ball To See the Future of Diesel Generators

Looking Into the Crystal Ball To See the Future of Diesel Generators

COP26 has just come to an end, and political parties worldwide are keen to implement new and ever more stringent environmental regulations. This is the latest development in a long-term trend that includes adopting Tier 4 regulatory standards, among others. While businesses around the world grasp and grapple at the terminology used in Glasgow, the fact is that diesel generators are sturdy, reliable, ubiquitous, and quite frankly, irreplaceable by existing power generation alternatives. While there will no doubt be regulatory changes over the horizon, the fact is that diesel generators are here to stay and will remain the leading source of both portable and emergency power generation for the foreseeable future.

Diesel Is Cleaner & Quieter Than Ever

Tier 4 regulations are without question the most stringent environmental regulations ever imposed on diesel generator manufacturers and operators. Moreover, the implementation of Tier 4 standards sparked a revolution in diesel engine technology that has made diesel engines more efficient and reliable.

Specifically, advances in pre-chamber and combustion chamber function coupled with precision fuel injection have produced generators boasting unparalleled power and efficiency. Moreover, regulatory fueled developments in additives and diesel fuel chemistry and composition mean that modern diesel fuel contains far less sulfur and other particulates. Coupled with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), these advances translate into significantly reduced emissions and reduced fuel usage.

Finally, modern diesel engines are quieter than ever before. The use of ceramics and other sound dampening materials makes it a breeze for standby generators to comply with rigid sound attenuation requirements.

Casting an Eye Toward Hybrid Generators

Change is inevitable, and 20, 30, 50 years from now, the generators in use today will not have the capacity required to meet the future needs of businesses. Not to mention the likelihood of increasingly stringent environmental regulations that will render current systems obsolete.

Thus, it is inevitable that hybrid diesel generators will eventually become the next standard. However, before this can happen, it will be essential for battery technology, natural gas, solar, wind, BioDiesel, and other renewable energy sources to become significantly more reliable and cost-effective. This will not happen in the near future. Moreover, it is unlikely that the nascent systems produced will reach the point where an alternative fuel source can match the current production and energy ratios modern-day diesel generators can offer.

Diesel Generators Will Remain the Heavyweights of Mobile Power Production

Many years into the future, renewable energy-powered generators will take the lead within both consumer and commercial generator markets. As the saying goes, progress is inevitable. But, for now, the increasingly present risk of grid failures and power outages, the entrenched global political landscape, the widespread infrastructure and availability of diesel fuel, and the high cost of shifting away from diesel engines all point to the continued use of diesel generators for at least another 20 years.

Of course, industrialized nations will be the first to phase out the use of diesel generators. This will likely start in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. However, once that starts, it means that it will take many more decades for the phase out process to take hold in Africa, Asia, South America, and other less developed regions; there simply isn’t the political will, financial resources, required technological skill, and infrastructure required to make an effective transition.

Are you wondering what the future of diesel engine technology has in store? Contact the experts at Central Power Systems & Services at (816) 781-8070 to speak with our team and discover the developments we see coming over the horizon.

Picking the Power Distribution Solutions Suited for Your Needs

Picking the Power Distribution Solutions Suited for Your Needs

Electrical power is easy to understand. Electricity enters the building where it passes through a supply point for delivery to the lights, appliances, computers, and other devices that make your building a modern facility. However, it’s not always as simple as Point A to Point B. In fact, there are many types of power distribution solutions that you can adopt to maximize efficiency and reliability.

The Basic Arrangements

There are four basic circuit arrangements:

  • Radial
  • Primary Selective
  • Secondary Selective
  • Secondary Network
Radial systems are the simplest and least costly to set up. These receive power at the utility supply voltage, from which point the voltage is stepped down to the required level of utilization.
Primary Selective
Primary selective systems involve the use of two primary main breakers coupled with a primary tiebreaker. These can be mechanically or electrically interlocked to prohibit parallel operation. If either side loses the primary voltage source, it can be transferred either manually or automatically until power is restored.
Secondary Selective
Secondary selective systems operate similarly. However, in a secondary selective system, two transformers are connected via a double-ended substation arrangement that is interlocked mechanically or electrically, again to prohibit parallel operation. The loads can be automatically or manually transferred to restore power to secondary loads if power loss occurs.
Secondary Network
Secondary network systems offer superior reliability and continuity. These involve the use of multiple utility services that are paralleled together at low voltage. Secondary network systems will not fail if a fault anywhere in the primary system occurs. This is due to the fact that the circuit breakers installed at the transformer isolate faults and are then back-fed through the system, thus clearing the fault without disrupting service.

Additional Options

In addition to the four basic configurations, there are many other types of configurations to choose from. These include:

  • Composite Systems
  • Sparing Transformer Systems
  • Primary Loop Systems
  • Expanded Radial Systems
Composite systems
Composite systems involve using multiple types of configurations. This option is desirable when a facility requires two or more arrangements. But, this type of reliability is more expensive to install, plus the increased complexity of composite systems requires greater attention to maintenance.
Sparing transformer systems
Sparing transformer systems are essentially scaled-up cousins of secondary selective systems. These use single-ended substations coupled with one or multiple transformer substations that are connected on a common secondary bus. This gives remarkable flexibility and makes it easy to switch between transformers in the event of a failure.
Primary loop systems
Primary loop systems have two or more transformers connected together on a loop. Within primary loop systems, the sectionalization of switches means that parallel operation is prohibited. If one loop goes down, it is switched to the alternate loop to accommodate the loss and keep your systems operational.
Expanded radial systems
Expanded radial systems are simple, easy to expand, and can incorporate multiple substations to achieve exceptional reliability. Better than expanded radial systems, those with primary selectivity offer superior reliability. Because expanded radial systems do cause a temporary loss of power when switching, radial systems with primary selectivity do not because the transformers can be paralleled to prevent any loss of power.

Are you working to determine which power distribution solutions are best suited for your operations? Contact Central Power Systems and Services at (816) 781-8070, and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best solution for your business.

Don't Do This With Your Mobile Generator Rental

Don’t Do This With Your Mobile Generator Rental

You have signed the contract, and your generator is scheduled for delivery on “x” date at “x” time. That must mean you know everything you need to and are ready to start operating the mobile generator rental as soon as it arrives. This is a common belief among first-time clients, and it’s a potentially costly and deadly mindset to adopt. The reality is that mobile generators are complex machines with detailed operational and safety requirements. If you miss a step or make a mistake, the consequences can add up quickly. At Central Power Systems & Services, your safety and the preservation of our mobile generator rental fleet are top priorities, and we recommend avoiding the following mistakes.

Don’t plug the generator directly into the wall.
When it comes to things not to do, this is perhaps the most important. If you plug the generator directly into the wiring of a home or business, you run the risk of backfeeding into the power grid. This creates a significant hazard and danger of electrocution for utility workers and others connected to the grid. Not only can you cause severe injury or death, but you will also be held criminally liable for violating basic safety standards.
Never use the generator indoors.
Generators require effective ventilation and should be positioned outside and well away from areas where people work or gather. At a minimum, we recommend placing the generator no closer than 15-20 feet from buildings or combustibles, including materials, landscaping, etc.
Don’t neglect the manual.
Yes, generator manuals are long and complicated. Still, it’s necessary to understand how the system operates, required maintenance, and what to do if a system malfunction occurs.
Don’t ignore the weather.
Mobile generators produce electricity, and when it starts to snow or rain, the risk of electrocution is significant. Always keep a weather eye on the horizon and adjust your operations so that you are not using the generator in conditions that can endanger the health and safety of your personnel, event guests, etc.
Don’t use the wrong extension cords.
You are asking for trouble if you use cords that are too small, insufficiently rated, or in poor condition. Always confirm that your cords have the capacity and structural integrity required to safely deliver electricity from the generator to appliances, lighting, equipment, etc.
Don’t ignore fuel storage.
All fuel storage containers and fuel storage sites must comply with NFPA 30. This standard ensures the safe storage, handling, and use of flammable liquids. Always confirm your tanks are up to code and that your site is properly prepared before operating your generator.
Don’t fuel it hot.
If your fuel tanks run dry, don’t attempt to refuel until the generator has cooled down. The short time it takes is far shorter than the time it takes to put out a fire.
Don’t let just anyone operate the generator.
Bob may be a wizard with technology, and John might know everything there is to know about your operations, but are either properly trained to operate a mobile generator rental? Before you set up your generator, designate a finite list of individuals who will be tasked with operating and maintaining the generator. Invest the time and resources required to ensure they can perform the necessary tasks correctly and safely.

The Central Power Systems and Services team can help you identify the best mobile generator rental for your needs. We also offer the necessary technical, maintenance, and repair support you require. We encourage you to contact us at (816) 781-8070 to learn more about the equipment we offer and the services we proudly provide.

Central Power Systems & Services
Since 1954, Central Power Systems & Services has been providing partners with the highest level of support. No matter the situation, we have solutions for Power Generation, Power Distribution, Industrial Engines, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Custom Manufactured Projects and On-Highway Transportation Service.
Central Power Systems & Services
Since 1954, Central Power Systems & Services has been providing partners with the highest level of support. No matter the situation, we have solutions for Power Generation, Power Distribution, Industrial Engines, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Custom Manufactured Projects and On-Highway Transportation Service.
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